Guide to selling

If you are considering selling your property through Goodwin Fish, we can ensure a simple process
using these simple four steps!

Step 1
The Valuation

Immersing ourselves into the local community and keeping a sharp eye on Manchester’s ever changing skyline allows us to provide guidance on value. Whether the property market is at a peak or in the depths of a trough, we endeavour to be ahead of our competitors by implementing strategies for our sellers. The value of property is essentially what another individual is looking to pay, however, taking the sellers situation into consideration is imperative to helping them achieve their goal.

Step 2
Show Casing Your Property

First impressions count. Years of experience has taught us that this certainly rings true and is why we invest a great deal into our marketing. We provide fundamental advice on how best to present your property in order to make it look attractive to the naked eye. Presentation goes beyond the scatter cushion. It should be about igniting the senses and allowing the subject to immerse themselves into the environment. Helping vendors achieve this is what excites us. It’s the blood that runs through our veins and we are constantly breaking away from the norm in order to help our clients sell their properties.

Step 3

In person, or online it’s important to cover all bases. The process of selling a property isn’t about throwing it onto the internet and hoping to get a response. It’s also about using various marketing channels to maximise exposure and to reach the wider audience. With technology making advances at every opportunity, it’s important to remember that property is also about people, and communicating with those people. We enjoy speaking with our registered buyers on a regular basis as it helps us understand their requirements and in turn match them with the right property. A personable approach provides very little inconvenience and achieves faster results.

Step 4

Yes, it’s true, we are available 24/7. Whether you are based locally, or overseas, we appreciate the need for clear communication channels and are available from initial instruction right through to completion ensuring you are updated or informed as and when you require. Regular feedback is essential with the sale of any property. Whether it be a viewer’s comments about the internal condition, or a market update, you will be armed with the necessary information in order to make the right decision to support your strategy.