How we manage your property

If you are a tenant of Goodwin Fish please read through the below information in regards to how we manage your property.

Repairs & Maintenance

Should you experience any problem with either the structure or contents (provided by the landlord) of the property, please contact our dedicated property manager.

In certain circumstances, and normally where any work required is substantial, either in terms of cost or magnitude, it may be necessary to obtain more than one quotation from contractors, or to instruct a surveyor to assess the nature of the problem so that it can be resolved effectively.

Please NEVER instruct a contractor yourself as the cost of doing so will not be covered by your landlord our ourselves.

If a contractor attends to a problem that you have reported and the fault is due to lack of care or misuse by you or other tenants occupying the property, you will be charged for the cost of putting it right.

It is very much in your interests to be available for appointments made with contractors in order that repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible. If you fail to keep an appointment made with a contractor, then we may charge you the costs of the contractor’s abortive visit.

Maintaining The Property

The tenant is responsible for normal household maintenance at the property i.e. replacing light bulbs, cleaning windows, cutting lawns, maintaining hedges, borders, keeping all guttering and drains clear from leaves and blockages, the removal of such pests as fleas, ants, wasps, etc. and any other tasks that are considered normal household management.

If there is a garden with your property you must keep it in good seasonal order. You must not uproot established trees and shrubs and you must not remove lawns as already laid at the commencement of your tenancy.

If you share a common entrance to your property with other residents you are required to keep this areas, and any other shared areas at the property clean and tidy and, in particular, free of rubbish and unwanted mail. It is particularly important that you keep shared entrances and exits clear and clean and tidy – this could be your escape route in the case of an emergency.


Many tenants mistakenly believe that a Landlords insurance will cover their personal belongings, that’s’ why if you couldn’t afford to replace all your belongings following a fire or break in then you should consider taking out tenant’s contents insurance cover.

It is also worth remembering that you are liable for any damage to the property you may have caused, that’s where tenants liability insurance would come in handy to cover you for damage to the property and landlord’s belongings.